3 Reasons that Fall might just be the perfect time to buy your home

If you've been struggling to buy a home, the Fall may be the best time to ratchet up your search. 

1. Historically Less competition, in Plaza Midwood in the Fall

If you're looking for your new home during the Fall, you will have less people to compete with, when you make an offer on a home. Typically, casually looking homebuyers take the Fall off, and resume their searching, in mid-January. This could mean you'll get a better deal, since you likely won't have to compete with a bunch of other offers.

2. More Motivated Home Sellers

When the weather is nice and the Plaza Midwood market is buzzing along during the Spring, it can be easy for a homeseller to try to push their price a little and ask for more than the market will bear. But during the Fall, sellers that have their home on the market, are usually more motivated to sell. As a result, they generally will have their home priced more reasonably. 

2. More Motivated Home Sellers
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3. Spend the holidays in your new home

If you start searching in the Fall, you could be in your new home, in time to celebrate the holidays. Wouldn't it be nice to spend Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah (or whatever holidays you celebrate), in your new home?

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Ready to Make a Move, this Fall?

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